Explore HIRL'S eco spaces

As HIRL is an ecologically sensitive parkland, there are many wonderous things to do from nature walks to fun with the kids, and seasonal gardens.

Old Reservoir Nature Walk

The old reservoir walk takes you past all the natural wonder of the old reservoir. See birds, wild plants and flowers as they pass through the seasons in this serene place.

Children's adventure garden

Loads of fun for kids!

A playground with a difference the kids will love. Spark their imagination as they climb and play in this magical space.

Indigenous Food Garden

The indigenous food garden is a small selection of what was available to Aboriginal people throughout the Basalt Plains, serving a multiple of purposes from food to medicine and tools.

Wildlife Dam

With abundant natural beauty, the dam teems with wild creatures including birds and aquatic life.

Sensory Garde‚Äčn

Food garden

Seasonal and native vegetables are grown on site at HIRL